As Duman Group, we feel the happiness and honor of witnessing that the information, knowledge and experiences we obtained in more than 25 years were not only beneficial for production and francization but also in retailing. We still feel the excitement we felt in 2007 when we opened our ladies’ wear store called "WHITE HOUSE WOMAN", which used to be 50m2 but has reached 1000 m2 as of today. We are offering services for our customers with brands and products which are special to us and which we bring from abroad, in addition to tricot, combed cotton, trench coat and coats for large size and mainly for small size. Countries of our customers cover a large geography including Balkans, Europe, Africa, Middle East countries, Canada and mainly Russia and old USSR countries. We have never forgotten the idea that “there are no bad products but only badly presented products” when displaying products at our store. Always having a smiling face with our employees, we made it our principle to act with amateur spirit when working, while being professional in the management. We have seen our customers as guests in our home and our product suppliers as our business partners and acted with meticulousness in parallel with this. We tried to be innovative and different in many subjects. In this scope we presented WHITE HOUSE GOLD CARD in 2007, which provides privileges and discounts in shopping for our customers. In 2008 we distributed gift packages to our customers which consisted of 11 pieces and we are still giving them. In 2009 we activated software that provides the convenience of being able to track the stocks and sales via internet, for our supplier business partners. We have created and we will continue to create difference in many more subjects... DUMAN COMPANIES GROUP, which includes four multi-story stores with names of DUMAN PYJAMA, WHITE HOUSE MAN, DUMAN and WHITE HOUSE WOMAN, all of which are located at Laleli, carries out sales with own brands of COCOON, WHITE HOUSE FIRENZE and ESLINE KAROP and produces them at its factory in Yenibosna.

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